Caps for Chrome Wheels with Rectangular Holes v 1.0 [1.35.x]

The modification adds to the game elegant chrome wheel caps with rectangular-rounded slots, suitable for installation on the wheels of both tractor and semi-trailer.
This envelope mod from the game Euro Truck Simulator, but despite the age, the model seemed to me very soundly and neatly made.
Due to the variety of tires and wheels, both standard gaming and other modifications, caps do not always stand up perfectly. I recommend to put them on the following models of wheels:
– for front tractor wheels: “Absolute Fury”, “Standard” or “Sirius” discs”;
– for tractor rear wheels: “Standard” wheels”;
– for the wheels of semi-trailer: drives Standard.
Tested on version: 1.35*
Work on previous versions is not guaranteed!
* before that, I checked for 1.33, which I still sit on, but PMG files had to be updated to the latest format, and, unfortunately, they could only be checked on ATS. But since the PMG formats on version 1.35 are the same for both games, I hope that nothing critical will happen.

il_86, Ventures87, luder


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