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Euro truck simulator 2 is a truck simulator game that is rated very highly by its players. This game is available for both Windows and Linux users. It was initially released in 2012 and is still updated by developers according to the needs. This game keeps on maintaining its popularity between its players. In this category, there are many latest and best ETS 2 Mods for downloading. Additionally, there is much stuff which gets updating frequently and can be downloaded very fast and safely. These updates are basically related to cars, interiors, maps, parts and tuning, sounds, skins, trailers, tutorials, trucks, cheats, news and other stuff. This game has sold over 5 million units on steam till now. ETS 2 Mods has a huge amount of fantastic mods along with all of it’s out of the box goodness. For example, this game does not have multiplayer by default, but it does not affect modders from it. There is addon called Truckers MP, which allows every single truck on the road to be controlled by a human driver, rather than by the AI. Trucker’s multiplayer supports for nicknames, global server chat, avatars and many more. This mod keeps on going strong and steady with the help of a group of 50 admins behind it that works hard for it. There are many more mods, like maps, cars, trucks, skins, trailers and more, so visit our site to get the latest and best mods!


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