There are a lot of goods, materials, fluids etc. that can be carried in the truck for delivery. Every type of cargo requires specific trailer. Every task in the game must be completed in a most efficient way. To do this, trailers can help. There are various trailers available. The game developers always keep adding new trailers and many other features to make the gaming experience more interesting. Below are the trailers available from the most recently added.
Some of the best ETS 2 trailers are known to be flatbed, dry van and reefer. These are all given the high priority and bought. Gamers say that these trailers are helpful if you have only one truck and no drivers. One point most of them feel is, the most expensive trailer helps you earn money faster. Choosing of trailers should be according to the present needs and availability of the user.
Curtain sider, refrigerated and brick and dry van trailer are also considered as the popular trailers. You cannot own your own trailers, however you can get your own trucks. Getting yourself mod testing into your game helps you exposed to a lot of options. You will have many options like trailer dealers and trailer upgrades. But out of all of those, “beta” trailer model are given a lot of interest. If you have your own trailer will increase the money up to 20%. Each trailer has rates specified that you can buy according to the amount that you have. There are several features added to quad and triple trailers as well. It is available as long distance and heavy equipment trailers.
Trailers play a very important role in your game. You need to save money and choose it wisely.

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