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Euro truck simulator 2 is a game to be played with the trucks but this game has also the option to use the cars. So ETS 2 provide their players to shift from their normal routine of trucks to cars. There are a variety of car mods available for this purpose. The game’s database has unique car mods to use. You could choose any of them and give your car a new look. It could give you a different feel of enjoying a car as it may be the car of your dreams. With the help of a few clicks, you could make your wish true. It will let you out of fatigue and makes your game energetic.
If you want to use ets 2 cars mods you could use the given mods but if you want to create it then you have to first open the pic editor with the photograph of your skin mod. Then you could edit it and make changes in its colour, texture and check its properties. Then you have to open the templates provided within the game and apply your edited file in ETS studio. If everything is ok after editing then you could simply click on ok and enjoy your ride in your choice of car mode.
There are many popular car brands in ETS 2 cars which are Toyota Corolla, BMW 320i, Lamborghini huracan, BMW X6 M50d, Audi S4, BMW X5, FORD 5-150, Mack F700, Mercedes Benz LS 1111, Opel Astra, BMC professional pro 935, ford f max and many more.

Mercedes Benz SLK…


Dodge Challenger SRT…


Neoplan Tourliner C13…


Volkswagen Passat B8…


Ferrari F430 [1.7.x]


Skin VAG Nuremberg…


Acura MDX 2023…



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