DAF XF and Scania VeBa Trans

Standard DAF XF + Modpack by Roadhunter reworked by Freddy Jimmink
Skinned by Freddy Jimmink
Scania R730 + Shunshields by Geben de Mos & Jesper Dam-Mikkelsen
Skinned by Freddy Jimmink
Note to make the DAF complete VeBa, buy Veba logo accessories and choose what You want to put on. For Scania buy in Beacon LED’s icon for led’s on the back of the truck, You can’t buy and LED’s and beacon Lights together, and the lightbox to make it complete
TC_Mega_mixmod Modified by Stephortshire
NO PARTS from Millsyb, And Millsyb don’t forget to lock them and give Yourself Credits!
I thank TC for his mod, Gerben & Jesper to make 2 different sunshileds for the truck
and Millsyb and friends for placing my “Most Wanted” Picture on their FB, My mailbox wasn’t that full with compliments! Many many thanks!


Freddy Jimmink

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File: DAF_26_Scania_VeBa_Transport.rar (26.58 MB)

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