Renault T Light Improvements v .1.5 (1.39-1.40) 05.02.21 [1.7.x]

Welcome to the Renault T Range Light Improvements v.1.5
What is Light Improvements?
It adds different parts from slots to lightboxes, sunvisors, custom sideskirts, roofbars, sidebars, bottombars, and many more.
All you need is your lights accessory mods to individually design your RangeT.
This light accessory mods are supported:
Abasstreppas Hella Lamp Pack 2.0.1: viewtopic.php?f=175&t=173286
Legendary “50k-addons”: viewtopic.php?t=246467
Powerkasi Light & Accessory: viewtopic.php?t=184720
Boreman LED Marker Lights v1.7: viewtopic.php?t=251668
The Renault T Range Light Improvements need a higher priority then the shown light accessory mods listed above in the mod manager.
Rework of all parts, including AO.
New Bottombars
New Roofbars
New Frontgrills
New Lightboxes
New Stoneguard
New Painted Parts
New Custom Sideskirts
Evil Eyes version
Front Mudflaps
Rear Mudflaps
Custom Rearlights
Sunvisor whit Custom Text
Interior Facemask
Interior Renault Mug
Interior Renault Roller Blind
Template changes
Slots added to Custom Sunvisor
Painted Window Wind Deflector
Painted Steps
Side Deflector Lights
Aero Kit Sideskirts rubber lips (Left Exhaust Slot)
New Paintjob
New +100 UI Icons
And more..

Gloover, Sogard3, umri20


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File: Renault_T_Range_1.5_UNRAR.rar (68.32 MB)

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