Interior Cabin Lights v 3.2 [1.4.x]

This mod adds interior cab lights for all default trucks
In addition to the standard color (R. G. B)15 different colors are added: white,yellow,neon,xenon,orange,dark_orange,light_blue,purple,gray,pink,turquoise and black
Increase the brightness of the light in the cabin is increased by 25% (Flare)
Added interior lighting for trucks:(volvo.fh16_2013,scania.r_2016,scania.s_2016,renault.t,man.tgx_euro6,sisu.r500,Argosy,FH16_2013_ohaha,daf.xf.50k) except for the Renault Premium, because this truck doesn’t have its own beacon lights.
Added as a beacon and activated by a beacon on the key.
Purchased in truck accessories (beacon)
Enable disable the O key
Update v1.45 (v1.46 test)


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File: NEW Interior Cabin lights v3.2.scs (1.64 MB)

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