DAF XF 2021 Qualified v 1.1 [1.50] [1.1.x]

Version 1.1:
– Added 3 new front
– Grille options Added 6 new door handle
– Options Added 2 new door
– Step options Removed a piece of the XF’s cabin, to be part of the front grilles
This mod adds and replaces the following accessories:
– Chassis: Replaces the FTS chassis (6×2 with liftable axle). By a low-slung chassis, to give the impression that it is arched. And it received polishing on some parts.
– Cab: Replaces the XF cab with one that gets the roof light slot.
– Front Grille: Adds 2 options, chrome and glossy plastic.
– Lower Front Grille: Adds 2 options, chrome and glossy plastic.
– Front Bumper: Replaces the Paint with one with Light on the Miles. Where the light acts as position and low beam.
– Sunshade: Adds 2 options based on the original. Chrome & Glossy Plastic.
– Side Panel: Adds 2 options, with chrome trim and glossy plastic.
– Tank: adds 1 custom polished tank option, with a size of 1000 liters.
– Side skirts: Adds 1 polished option, with DAF writing. And with the active arrows on the sides, just like in the DAF XD.
More things will be added such as antennas, biasi tanks, fire (tres marias), film for the glass, owl and etc.


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  Direct Download LinksFile: DAF XF Qualified.scs (9.60 MB)

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