ZiL-13x Pack ETS2 v 1.49.x_Trailers (Update v 2.0) [1.4.x]

Pack Zil 130-131-133 for ETS2 v1.49 author Yuri Novikov.(Prime044)
Autonomous, do not replace anything.
Can be purchased at a DAF dealer or as a modification from a ZIL dealer.
The ZIL-130 truck has 2 chassis – 4×2 and 4x2_bdf.
The ZIL-131 truck has 4 chassis – 4×4, 6×6, 6x6_bdf, 6x6_low.
The ZIL-133 truck has 4 chassis – 6×4, 6x4_1, 6x4_bdf, 6x6_bdf_1.
Original wheels + new ones added.
Spiral cables with physics.
Your own new camera.
Advanced coupling with standard trailers (not tested).
Working pack of original ODAZ and GKB trailers (separately).
There is animation of both windows and handles.
Working indication of turns and emergency lights.
2nd last change under 1.49:
The physics on all types of chassis has been completely redesigned.
A bug in the tandem chassis has been removed – when, when loading a single chassis, the chassis would stand on its rear wheels.
Added a muffler to all types of chassis and smoke to it (on/off as desired)
Fixed minor errors when installing some bodies.
The game log is cleared 100% (percent)
Test on ETS2 version: 1.49.x.
It will also work on version 1.48.

Author: Yuri Novikov.(Prime044)
Finalization of all animations in interiors: AJIEHA.
Conversion at 1.49: Maxim Barinov.
Author of the clean log: Maxim Barinov.
Support for Army and Rust skins: Maxim Barinov.


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