Scania R2008

GIMP 2.8
Blender2SCS and Blender
* DO NOT re-upload this package to others file providers!! *
All files created by 50keda (the authors) are allowed for use by private individuals.
No files included in this package are allowed to be redistributed without permission from 50keda.
No files included or parts thereof are allowed to be used commercially.
Any files by other authors included in this package are used with permission and are property
of the original author.
All brand logos and images are property of their respective owners.
Install 50k_SCANIA_R_2008.scs, 50k_addons.scs to mod folder at
C:(username)\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod.
If you are using other tuning mods which adds new tuning parts then add this lines:
@include “addon_hookups/50k-mudflaps.sii”
@include “addon_hookups/50k-accessory.sii”
in file:
and make sure that addon_hookup_storage.sii is loaded after my 50k_addons.scs mod.
If you don’t use any other tuning mods with custom storage file then
addons will be automaticly enabled because 50k_addons.scs already
includes addon_hookup_storage file.
Wheels pack used on promo screen can be downloaded here:
For better game experience I also recommend to use additional package:
Which adds better smalllight beams and my custom light flares.
None. It was tested on 1.3.1 version of game
Reports of issues or suggestions are encouraged!


-anaheim and mr.poland
-Mattias P and Arnook for skins 🙂


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