Scania 114L Kırkayak [1.3.x]

-The tool belongs to Muammer Iron
– Worked on the Centipede Chassis
-Works on Version 1.36
-Between Cup And Bodywork Ao
-Ao = Mustafa E. Aykaç
-Articles = Mustafa E. Aykaç
-Car body =?
-Stops =?
-Mudguards =?
Signboard = Ziya Bergal
-Iron =?
-Edit = Furkan Arslan (I)
-Adjustments = Furkan Arslan (I)
-Led = Erdem Kuzey
Safes = Alperen Sağlam
-A lot of people have labor
-This vehicle was stolen by a little thief ‘ccs’

Muammer Demir,Furkan Arslan,Mustafa E.Aykaç,Ziya Bergal


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File: Scania_114L_KIRKAYAK_d471.scs (355.12 MB)

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