Scania 1 Series (with Ownable Tandem Trailer) [1.35.x]

Scania 1-Series v2.1
Standalone Truck
5 Chassis Type
3 Cabin Type
3 Interior Style
Tandem Trailer ( Ownable )
Vabis Wheels
Sound v8 (375hp+)
Tuning Parts
All Tamplate Included
DLC Mighty Griffin Supported
DLC Window Flags Supported
DLC Cabin Accessories Supported
Vabis Wheels supported for Trailer Ownership
Tandem trailer Addon have 2 Chassis (3 Axle, 2 Axle)
DX11 Fully Support (working on 1.36.xx )
Bug Fixes (Material, Texture, Model)
New Folder Structure
Working on 1.36.xx and 1.35.xx

Anti , Shoofer


  Direct Download LinksFile: Scania_1-Series.rar (107.84 MB)

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