MAN TG3 TGX RLP Edition [1.42.x]

Custom 4×2 chassis (wider front track, removal of anti-rollback stops for custom rear bumpers);
Special interior for GM and GX;
Individual seats, black alcantara;
Custom side skirts, including dual exhaust (return to the old style TGX V8);
2 sets of mirrors with indicators (paint and carbon fiber);
Carbon fiber side and front mirror;
Sets of highly detailed audio signals for GM and GX cabs (fully chrome-plated and painted inside);
Lightboxes for GM and GX cabins (4 versions each, 2 RLP logos, 2 customized for your logos);
Several carbon parts (MAN logo, radiator grille, door handles and a few more);
3 types of crossbars, chrome-plated and painted;
3 mudguards (Go in Style, Truck Junkie, one custom MAN Bussing);
3 stickers on the front window;
2 non-standard steering wheels;
3 racks for trailer cables;
Eyelids of the “bad look”;
3 sets of inserts on the grille;
2 grilles (glossy with slits, the same as the chrome background for the Carbon MAN logo);
3 rear bumpers, including 3 sets of taillights (headlights 1 and 2 for bumper 1 and 2, lights 3 for bumper 3);
GX spoiler with halogen and LED headlights, GM flat spoiler with halogen and LED headlights;
5 visors (1 custom painted, 4 elongated individual visors, all with a suitable interior model);
3 colors of the skin shown (gray, yellow and green);
The ability to customize skins for colored parts (including UV maps, work with the acc_list method!);
Two presets in the truck mod store;
All AO parts are baked.
Will work with any TGX GM/GX on multiple chassis, except for exclusive parts for a custom 4×2 chassis.

Raffles, NielReyes, qhostKinq

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