DAF 95XF 1.44 + Trailer 1.45 [1.4.x]

Updated to 1.44 (Trailer will be red at 1.45 Czechs wouldn’t be Czechs if they didn’t know how to break anything between patches)
Bug fixes Trailer taken from XBS (Borrowed I hope not to be offended)
Added skins
Full support 1.44
Features of the mod
Autonomous truck DAF 95XF;
Sold in DAF and at the mod dealer;
Salon animation redesigned;
The steering wheel is made as a separate accessory;
Added window animation;
Fixed physics;
Partial support for DLS interior accessories;
Sounds fixed;
Partially replaced and fixed some interior textures;
Completely replaced the texture of the cabin painting;
Chassis selection (low 4×2, standard 4×2, tandem 6×4);
Lifting on a tandem chassis;
Completely redesigned on-board computer;
Minor cosmetic changes;
Partially replaced and fixed some interior textures;
Tested on game version 1.45.x.
Original truck model: Bogdan Kosolap (VINZEL).
Update: Konstantin Nikolayevich Nikolenko
Author of adaptation to patch 1.44: Dimon4ik_774rus
Help and support: AJIEHA
Author of adaptation for patch 1.44: AJIEHA


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  Direct Download LinksFile: DAF_95_______________.rar (226.02 MB)

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