Schmitz S.CF 45′ Euro v 1.3 [1.4.x]

Changelog 1.3
Adapted for 1.47
Updated trailers defs
– Reworked Hella Doubleburner
– Reworked Hella 2SD LED and added the fog light version
– Added Carrier CARRIER TRANSICOLD 69UG15 Genset
– Added Hella SD2 burger taillight halogen brake + rear + indicator
– Added Hella SD2 burger taillight halogen reverse
– Added/Rebuilt Hella SD2 burger taillight LED brake + rear + indicator
– Added/Rebuilt Hella SD2 burger taillight LED reverse
– Added white Hella square indicators
– Added side rails
– Added 20ft chassis with middle and rear position for containers (2 variants)
– Added 2x 20ft chassis
– Added 40ft chassis with neck slided out and a second option with neck slided it
– Added 45ft chassis (Arnook’s containerpack is mandatory)
– Added three frames in blue, black and paintable
– Added four sideskirt options: Full cover and covers with toolbox (left/right/both)
– Added fire extinguisher
– Added Sauermann storage boxes (both sides)
– Added Wheel chucks (left/right/both)
– Added TIR and ADR plates (opened/closed)
– Added Vignal LC taillights
– Added fenders with and without white stripe
– Added multiple reflective tape options
– Added doubleburners, Aspock markers, Hella DuraLED, Hella Halogen square light taillight on slots, round LED taillights


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