Trailers Mod Pack v 2.0

Trailers Mod Pack module is a continuation of Traler skin pack. Mod replaces the trailer and cargo. Change the names of the goods and their mass
The mod works on v 1.4.8 and higher

Modified trailers and Fees: Semi overweight:

– M1A2 Abrams tanks
– Locomotive
– Combine crown
– Trucks MAN
– Case Tractors


– Tyres
– Agricultural Equipment
– For aircraft engines
– Lodz
– Pallets of bricks

Converted trailer for “fuel tank”
Replace new trailer trailer “food cistern”
Replace new trailer trailers “chemical cistern”
New trailer trailers Kogel MAXX replaced Aero
Converted semi trailer on the glass



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File: Trailer-ETS2__Mod_Pack_v2.0.rar (24.75 MB)


  1. August says:

    Done anything to the physix for the trucks on this mod ? nice mod btw 🙂

  2. Mike Turner says:

    How do I install this pack I am new to Euro truck any help would be much appreciated they look really good and I would love to have them thanks regards Mike

  3. DAMIAN says:

    anyone have multiplayer? on ets2? 🙂 its awesome

  4. DAMIAN says:

    and that mod is cool

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