The Real Economy

– The cost of buying a garage
– The cost of upgrading the garage
– Penalty for the cancellation of the order (depending on the load)
– Punishment for damage to goods
– Price of fuel (New Update September 25th)
– Price of the fuel employed drivers (starting with the 45l/50l to 100km)
– Deals damage to goods of drivers
– Pay for delivery of the goods
– Rate Mileage
– The cost of hiring an employee
– Rate billing experience (about 50% of the basic ekonomij reduced)
– Pay for delivering the goods to our company
– Rate Mileage for our company
– BONUS for the transport of heavy loads
– BONUS for freight
– BONUS for urgent delivery of
– BONUS degree experience
– Experience Mileage
– Experience mileage with SEMI
– Experience from the rear parking lot Trailers
– Experience for damage to goods
– Amount loans
– Interest loans
– Height seats (which many in the uk)
– Ticket prices for the prom
– Ticket prices for train
– Prices all available parts for tractors
– Prices all available Tractors




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