SweetFX v 1.5.1


Mod changes looks of the game.

This mod can also be used on most other games.

To install this mod just open package, there you will find two more pacakges, open one with configurer and put all files where your game launcher is (Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ bin \ Win_x86 \ ).
Then just open SweetFx Configurator and in left bottom corner press add new game and select eurotruck.exe, after that you can configure your sweetfx settings as you want.

Settings used in preview:

smaa_anti -aliasing:
smaa_threshold = 0.18
smaa_max_search_steps = 58
smaa_max_search_steps_diag = 14
smaa_corner_rounding = 64

Luma sharpen:

sharp_strength = 1.75


Vibrance = 0.40


Curves_contrast = 0.25

By pressing the Scroll Lock key on the keyboard you can turn on / off to see the effects .

Game version: 1.5.X



  Direct Download LinksFile: SweetFX_1.5.1.rar (7.60 MB)

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    what is the procedure to Steam players?

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