Volvo FH4 D13K Sound [1.4.x]

A full engine sound set, professionally recorded from a Euro 6 Volvo FH4 with microphones positioned in the engine bay, intake and exhaust.
Complete engine RPM spectrum recorded, producing a very detailed sound.
Engine brake.
A full set of interior sounds such as indicators, wipers, park brake, low air pressure warning, switches, windows and more.
Other effects include the gearbox sounds, engine metal fatigue ticks, air brakes, axle lift and failed engine start.
420, 460, 500 and 540 hp Euro 6 engines.
Works with Volvo FH4 by Pendragon and the Default Volvo FH4.
Open definition files for modders.
Compatible with 1.46

veve, scs

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  Direct Download LinksFile: Volvo_D13K_FH4_Sound___Engine_Pack.scs (21.57 MB)

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