INDIAN HORN PACK v 1.0 [1.4.x]

This mod includes horn sounds recorded from real life Indian truck horns.
Works with 1.43.x
To activate this mod, go to service station and add the respective air horn addon to the roof grill.
1. IND HORN 01
2. IND HORN 02
3. IND HORN 03
4. IND HORN 04
5. IND HORN 05 L
6. IND HORN 05 R
7. IND HORN 06 L
8. IND HORN 06 R
9. IND HORN 07
10. IND HORN 08
These horn addons are compatible with any SCS trucks and mod trucks that employ SCS Horn addons.

1. scs
2. riyas_ma

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File: INDIAN_HORN_SOUNDS_ETS2___40_1.43.x__41_.scs (501.20 KB)

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