Omega Pilzno Paintjob pack 1.3 by Marszałek [1.3.x]

Omega Pilzno is Polish world-wide logistics operator, launched in 1992. Based in Pilzno, Sub-Carpatian Voivodeship
They have more than 700 vehicles and over 1000 qualified employees.
Directions available: Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Spain, England and Italy.
Also visit Omega’s YouTube channel CplusE.
Changelog 1.3:
– SCS Fuel Tanker (3 axles) Omega Pilzno Paliwo dla Flot (Fuel for fleets) skin
– Volvo FH Classic skin added
– Volvo FH Classic lightbox added
– MAN TGX Euro 5 skin added
– fixed color of pallet boxes in reffer trailers to match the real ones (painted variant)
Changelog 1.2:
– SCS Box Trailer (van, dry, reffer) old logo skin added
– SCS Krone Profiliner old logo skin added
– SCS Box Trailer (curtain) yellow old logo skin added
– MAN TGX Euro 6 old logo skin added (2 variants)
– Krone trailers chassis is no longer in paintjob color
All trademarks, logos and brand names are the property of their respective owners.
Creator does not usurpate them.
Reupload is allowed with original download link.


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