Army Skins and Rusty Skins MegaPack v 2.0 v 1.49.x [1.42.x]

Army and Rusty skins from the Author @MaxX_Agent@
Last changes:
Updating the archive to version 2.0 – now weighs almost 500MB.
All rusty skins have been changed and updated to 4K format.
There is now more variety to choose from.
Removed repetitions of some skins and blurriness.
Support for many mods from the @MaxX_Agent@ garage.
Support for some trailers from @MaxX_Agent@ garage.
Attention!!! It is prohibited to edit or change the authorship of the archive.
Respect the work and sweat of the one who worked on it for you.
And I lost a lot of time in order to please you!
The mod will continue to be updated by the author for free access to everyone.
Thanks in advance for your support!
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas everyone.

Author: @MaxX_Agent@.

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File: Army Skins and Rusty Skins MegaPack v2.0.rar (468.47 MB)

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