Skin Dasquirrelnuts for Scania Streamline

Skin Dasquirrelnuts for Scania Streamline

This mod if for the Scania Streamline, works with all colours
repaintable in game!
Built on the streamline skin, changelog:
-Added squirrel logo on roof next to streamline
-replaced streamline on the side with squirrel
-added scania lion on the side
-added decals on the sideskirts with truckin’ nuts
-added logo on the back with ‘Sunday night truckin”
-added stripes on the front bumpers
-And ofcourse added a little ‘piss on renault’ on the truck ^^


Scs, kawagek


  Direct Download LinksFile: Squirrel-Streamline-skin.rar (567.18 KB)

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