Schmitz S.CS Huckepack

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Game ETS2 ver. 1.4.X
Credits Trailer Mr. Poland Base.
Ventyres Glandhands.
Bora Huckepack, taillights, various parts, mapping,
various new parts for lod models (wheels, lights etc.).

Textures Edobetet Skinning.
Nordish Stickers, various textures.
Bora AO texture.

Wheels Ventyres Wheel.
Bora Mapping.

Textures Tyre.
Bora AO Texture.

Traffic wheels Kamaz Base.

Texture Kamaz Tyre tread Tyre.
Bora Rendering texture from high poly wheel.

Flares Bora Tweaking .sii files for proper shine on ground etc.

Standalone trailer..!!
Gameplay Plug’n Play Add both .scs files to your mod folder.

Launch your game and enjoy it 🙂

Experienced Add “Schmitz_Hupa_curtain.scs” to your mod folder.
Add following line to your “trailer_storage.sii”
@include “trailer/schmitz_uni00.sii”
Add following line to your “trailer_traffic_storage.sii”
@include “trailer/schmitz_uni00_traffic.sii”
Launch your game and enjoy it 🙂

How to skin 3 files added for easy skinning. To make skin using (Freeware), edit the “skin”
layer to create your skin,
merge layers from bottom and up, 1 at a time and save as a .bmp.

Alpha_channel Proper alpha .bmp for you skin, add it using DXT bitmap
and save as “dxt5″ .dds file.

Photoshop.psd All layers included, create your skin in the “skin”
layer, save as .dds file (alpha
included in .psd file).


Mr. Poland Base.


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