Scania Stright Pipe V8 Sound Mod V4 final

Hello everyone, today i want to share with you here my latest sound

Is Totaly new and redesigned sound mod in comparation to my previus
sound mods, and i will not fraid to say this is my best ever made
sound mod, with many new sounds fitures like realistic interior
rpm-mono and exhaust sounds, the redesigned exterior sounds, blinkers,
and many more detailed sounds that you will hear and i do hope you
like as i do!

This Mod is also now Independent so that means you can use this
separetly on 50keda scania and for scs software origianl scania you
can use any other sound mod!

Tested and working!

Thank you Best Regards ComandoreOne.




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File: Scania-V8-Sound-Mod-v4-Final.rar (16.01 MB)

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  1. danny says:

    thank for sharing this mod 🙂 i hope it’s works fine

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