Scania R2 Tag-axle

Chassis is not my work. Chassis was done by Callum96, I just edited
chassis base so it will fit on my R2 which was requested by some

Place the mod in your folder and activate it. More info in the

Chassis’ are standalone

Tested on 1.9.22

You will need my Scania R2 mod and it is recommended that you use
50k’s new wheel pack.

Be sure to check out original mod by Callum96 for the original 50k
Scania 2008. It can be found on SCS Forum.


50keda, GT-Mike, Callum96, Alang7, Punisher


  Direct Download Links

File: Chassis-for-Scania-R2-Callum96-Punisher.rar (20.56 MB)

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