Premium interior for DAF XF

Premium interior for DAF XF

Luxury ” Lounge ” 5 – star hotel. In the interior , of course, leather
upholstery fine workmanship , matpolirovanny aluminum, carbon fiber
… And what to say about the quality of the finishing of plastic,
when you know how to choose fine wood veneer – to decorate the front
panel ( and other areas of the interior ) . For each instance of DAF
veneer is exclusively from the same tree – for 100 percent harmony
invoice. Around carefully handcrafted , competent ergonomics and
industrial design , attention to the ” little things .” And with all
this lyapota , I have not forgotten about the practical side – the
wheel as the most ” popular” of the cabin , trimmed in dark gray
rubberized plastic and carbon fiber . Touching concern about a man who
goes to ” DAF .” Yet you will be pleasantly surprised panel , which is
made in FullHD quality, for what – would you feel comfortable to look
at your speed )
You definitely deserve to have DAP with chic interior !
Interoir was made for premium finishes , so the standard finish came
not beautiful …
Archive specifically passwords that would be if that is not the case,
then you could change




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