Google Maps Navigation v 3.0 [1.5.x]

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*Compatibility for 1.50.x game version.
This mod simulates your in-vehicle navigation screen to Google Maps Navigation.
Colors, player arrow and map icons have been changed. The position of the speed limit has also been changed. (to the upper right corner)
Your GPS navigation screen will look more realistic now.
Addons/Other Versions
To use with ProMods:
This addon makes Google Maps Navigation mod work properly with ProMods. This addon needs the main navigation mod to work!
Mod Manager:
Google Maps Navigation ProMods Addon
Google Maps Navigation
To use with Other Map Mods:
Use night version (dark theme):
To use with American Truck Simulator:
As you know, almost everything changed after the v2.9 major update. If you still want to use the old icons of the mod, you can download this addon:
Compatible with 1.50.x game version.
Brightness Setting
If you think it’s bright/dark, you can change the backlight setting for yourself. Press F4 and change your Dashboard Backlight setting.
Discovered and Undiscovered Road Colors
I disabled the color change in navigation for realism. You should look at the world map for discovered and undiscovered roads. (or you can change the colors for yourself by editing the def/map_data.sii file.)
Auto Switch
It is not possible to use both day and night versions by activating them together. The version you give high priority in the mod manager will work. Because it is impossible to automatically change the day-night version in the game.
Colors (Or Icons) Are Still the Same
If you have activated the navigation mod but still the colors (or icons) do not change, it means that another UI mod you are using is causing a problem. If you place the navigation mod at the top in the mod manager, the colors (or icons) issue will be fixed.
There are already many real Google Maps voice mods made by different modders. You can use any of them you want with this mod.
ETA etc.
The aim of this mod is to make vanilla navigation screens look like Google Maps Navigation, with small but effective touches. Therefore, I do not want to complicate the navigation screens and this mod by adding this type of data. And I’m sure many people won’t want to use it either. If I add it one day, I will release it as an optional addon. (I don’t make any promises because I can’t spare much time for my mods anymore.)
I don’t have detailed information about Convoy. But if I understand correctly, it makes more sense to activate the optional feature for server side only mods. And this mod is not server side only. Everyone on the server must download it.
This mod is not affiliated with Google. This mod was created by taking Google navigation as an example to make the game navigation screen more realistic. This mod is a voluntary work. It is completely free. It cannot be sold in any way.
You cannot reupload this mod anywhere in any way!
This mod doesn’t work in TruckersMP.
Steam Workshop:

Sinagrit Baba

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