ETS2 Full Save Game for 1.47 FULL MAP DLC [100% Discovered] [1.6.x]

Play with the top profile for Euro Truck Simulator 2! It doesn’t matter which map DLCs you possess; just download and start playing!
● Compatible with update 1.47.
● New Germany routes are investigated.
● Explored 100% of the map; all garages purchased.
● On the primary map, there are trucks and drivers in every garage.
● 100th profile level.
● 393.861.637 Euros in profile money No mods or cheats used in this profile.
You have the option of playing this save with every map DLC, none at all, or just the ones that are already available. So, everyone may participate!


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  Direct Download LinksFile: ETS2_Full_Save_Game_for_1.47.rar (7.05 MB)

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