ETS2 100% Explored Save Game Profile (v 1.35s – Sardinia)

ETS2 1.35 100% Explored Save Game Profile
100% Discovered Map
Level 175 (Divine Champion)
1+ Billion € & Max Skills
All 160 Garages Owned & Upgraded
All Recruitment Agencies, Companies & Truck Dealers Discovered
[All DLCs Are Required] (Sardinia And Earlier DLCs)
Game Version: (Or Later)
How To Use?
Open Zip File, Copy The Folder Inside To:
C: Users %UserName% Documents
No Damage & Unexplored Road Finder Mods Included (Optional)
SII_Decrypt Included (Watch The Video Below For How To Use)
[NEW] Download ETS2 (All DLCs Incl. Sardinia):!krRjGQrQ!0TKDT9Bajz4aUgvfqabApdI5dQmuAvYwbxAhOvlXV1k

Mounir Benjelloun


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