Better Raindrops v 1.6 + Truck Addon v 1.6 [1.6.x]

– In version 1.1 was added TRUCK ADDON. It is a sub-mod that triples the number of raindrops but ONLY FOR ETS2 SCS TRUCKS! INCOMPATIBLE with modded trucks and interiors.
– In version 1.2 of the main mod were added new sounds for rain and wipers. If you don’t like them, simply remove sound_br and sound folders from better_raindrops_v1.6.scs. If you are using TSRM mod, please install the fix. It will change the wipers’ sound and slightly reduce muffling for exterior audio.
– In version 1.3 were reworked car splash trails. If you don’t like them, simply remove the model and unit folders from better_raindrops_v1.6.scs.
Known issues:
If you’re experiencing performance issues after installing Truck Addon, try to reduce traffic by entering the console command g_traffic 0.5. Change the number to find the optimal balance between the amount of AI cars and your FPS in the rain
Version 1.6:
– Increased radius of windshield sound event
– Changed position of windshield sound event
– Slightly increased number of sliding drops for a better visual appearance
– Reworked position of front glass locators for SCS trucks in Truck Addon
– Reduced size of raindrops in Truck Addon


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