best steering keyboard and mouse 2020 [1.35.x]

are you tired to find way drive by keyboard and mouse ? you don’t have steering wheel ?
here solution and that why i’ll share you with my experience drive by keyboard and mouse , i was try to optimize key keyboard for play more smooth and here what I’ve done drive smooth .
presetting is : real automatic , keyboard only
type keyboard is azerty , if you have qwerty you need just swap key z to w and a to q
type mouse : 6 button
install :
local no online
X:UsersurnameDocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2profilesnameurIDprofile
local with online
X:UsersurnameDocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2steam_profilesnameurIDprofile
exemple nameurIDprofile : 36D45DF325A12


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File: keyboardmouse ets2.rar (9.56 KB)

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