Mercedes-Benz 1938 v1 edit

1 Fixed mounting positions for tuning equipment
2 Added flare direction the car
3 Eduted mirror points (ramps and side)
4 Edited visors
5 Roosters credited to the back of the cab
6 Completed work on the glass
7 Set active headlights
8 Completed work on the hood (no longer lit at night)
9 completed work on two cabins (managed by Miśkowi, thanks for the training materials)
10 Fixed bug mirrors
Posted 11 points register (the removed red)
Posted 12 points handles
13 Changed the default wheel speed for standard orders and entered the rotation interiorów
14 Fixed shadow
15 Removed ugly gap between the car and the bumper
16 Fixed hole into the sun visor
17 Gearboxes 6,9,9 R 12.12 R



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File: Truck-MB1938_ETS2_-convert-TONHO-edit-Ekualizer-v-1.rar (16.17 MB)

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