Marco Polo G7 1200 O500RSD beta

Well, folks. I’ve been very busy lately, so the blog walk through stopped. With this, the project was a little late G7 O500RSD 1200. Because of this, today I’m releasing a version BETA G7 O500RSD 1200. The mod contains only the vehicle without inside and without the paintings of companies, it is only for you to test and comment on what to improve and repair. This version has not been edited suspension, engine or transmission. Who do you want your paint, there is a file called unlocked ‘g7_1200_o500rsd_skin.scs’.
For now it is. Downloading the mod, test and comment. I still have no estimate of when the final version is ready, all I have to say is that the project is still in progress and, as far as possible, I will publish more details.
Tested on 1.3.0 and 1.3.1


Possatto, Eric_hc

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File: beta_g7_1200_o500rsd.rar (55.67 MB)


  1. Travis Robert says:

    Whats the bus covered by?

  2. Anonymous says:


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