Road to Aral v 1.1 [The Original]

ATTENTION: This is the ORIGINAL Link. The other upload is stolen. Don’t download things from “mods80” – He’s a thief!
After some road connections I made, I decided to do a kind of “own” map. My first real map with actual cities and definitions.
I stumbled across the Lake Aral many years ago in a school book and I was really shocked what mankind has done with a once beautiful and glorious lake.
I decided to expand the really great “Great Steppe” map with two roads down to the shore of the Lake Aral.
A sparsely populated area with small villages, abandoned settlements and mid-sized cities.
Hop into the Truck and drive through an area which tells his own story. An area telling a story about times gone long ago. Take a break at the shore of the lake Aral and watch the sadness of a dried out lake.
-Reworked the Cities
-No Grass on the road
What’s in it?
-A simple map of the steppe-like Area south east of Aktobe.
-Parts of the Aralkum Desert
-5 new cities: Shalkar, Karabutak, Khromtau, Emba/Jembi and Aralsk/Aral
-In Aral, you can take a break at the former shore of this once giant lake.
-A sparsely populated post-soviet landscape
-Gas stations
-Some small villages
-Abandoned settlements and factories
-Some small details
Don’t expect too much, why? It has 2 reasons
-It’s my first REAL map, so the map will get better from time to time.
-My resources are very LIMITED!
I have an old, crappy laptop and can’t afford a new one at the moment but I try to do my best.
You need all DLC’s & The Great Steppe!
Put the map ABOVE The Great Steppe!

FunTrucker_18, 09_kz


  Direct Download LinksFile: Road_to_Aral_1.1.scs (15.39 MB)

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