Kenworth T660

Kenworth T660

Author “HAULIN”: MasterChief2808
Envelope and refinement in ETS2: Panther

Registered individual Truckee present your little tuning, their
engines, sounds, interior, wheels, transmissions, chassis, 6×4 and
6×6, registered in the traffic outside wipers not animated.
Bought in the cabin MAN – last slot.Test to version 1.7.1 (I think
will go and 1.8.x)
Save the copyrights!


MasterChief2808, Panther


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File: ets2_Kenworth_T660.rar (19.68 MB)


  1. luke says:

    Do you need to use a certain truck for this?

  2. bonjour
    concerne le t660 kenworth
    super le tracteur mais le GPS est mal placé dans les virages on ne voit pas les véhicules en face pouvez vous y remédier merci a bientot

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