Iveco Heavy Transport

Tested on original Game Map, Patch 1.3.1

BearTec Iveco Stralis 4 × 2 Long Ranger: 2200 liter diesel tank;

BearTec Iveco Stralis 6 × 2 Long Ranger: 1000 liter diesel tank;

BearTec Iveco Stralis 6 × 4 Long Ranger: 1900 liter diesel tank

Iveco Stralis BearTec 8 × 4 SLT: 600 liter fuel tank,

. been added to the new cabin design

R6 380 Ps 2550Nm, 3300nm 500ps R6, 10 and 12 Transmission: Engine





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File: Iveco-Heavy-Transport.rar (7.96 MB)

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  1. Theosz says:

    Seems like a really cool mod/truck, but crashes when I try selecting the mod’s cabin

    well, this mode is for 1.3.1, of couse that will crash, unfortunately, in my v1.6.1

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