Drivable AI Mod, Jazzycat Traffic pack Addon [1.42.x]

Always check if the uploader is ’Noeny’
Mod adds lots of vehicles from the jazzycat traffic to drivable ai. There are too many to list, so this text replaces it. ( There are more than 100 cars, maybe more, maybe even 200, but i’m not sure)
This one doesn’t add anything, but has the password removed because some people said that it was not usable with password
If the mod is anywhere else than ( Steam Workshop version will be added later, same for the SCS Forum ), then report the mod.
Join the discord for support and other things!
Message me personally if you have a suggestion or so
(Also, can someone send a folder that contains all the chassis.sii from the base game ai? I will try and fix the drivable ai from steam workshop!)
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Every person that subscribes gives me more motivation to continue this mod!


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