DC Pale Blue American Trailer Skin

I wanted a plain trailer skin for a change so here it is guys. It would be like in-game if you owned your own trailer and did not have to drive for a company. I repainted the mudflaps and took off most of the decals of the original trailer. I left the front white though to give it a touch of contrast. I colored it pale blue myself and left some of the small original decals from the original trailer mod makers…axe666,vecc21, and steis. This mod contains ONLY the trailer. The T800 is NOT included. You will need to download that one yourself and just change the color of the truck in-game to match the trailer as I did. I hope you all enjoy it! By the way, don’t worry about the DUB rims on the truck as they are NOT included. lol Sometimes I like to get a little crazy with my rims, but most of the time I run normal rims.


Pale blue trailer skin color and re-skinned mudflaps: David Corley
Original trailer mod makers: axe666, vecc21 and steis


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File: DC-Pale_Blue_American_Trailer_Skin_01.rar (2.14 MB)

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