DAF XF Combo

Credits Jimmink

DAF XF 105 is standard DAF, skinned by Freddy Jimmink

With modpack for grill and sunshield by Roadhunter,
part of the mod re-written and re-skinned by Freddy Jimmink
this is used in the Bring by Roadhunter, thanks for that
The standard DAF in game has it’s own grill colors

Interior DAF XF by Freddy Jimmink
Trailer Bodex original: Unknown, but all credits to the makers
Skinned by Freddy Jimmink

Bodex is stand-alone
To make the DAF in Gebroeders Kapitein livery go to the store or garage, and buy
Sunshield, mirrors and Grills, with no icon, that’s the only mishap, but all will work,
for door mirrors buy plastic mirrors

Constructed and tested in version
Please read the ReadMe file


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File: DAF-XF-Combo.rar (11.28 MB)

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