DAF XF 105 James S. Hislop

Tested: 1.3.1
DAF is a standard DAF with the modpack by Roadhunter (Bring DAF)
reworked for this DAF by Freddy Jimmink
Wheels are Michelin custom wheels by Freddy Jimmink
I am not responsible of any resamblance with already made skin, off course
it is a James S. Hislop DAF,
I have not stolen or unlocked the Millsyb file, because i shall respect locked files,
so do the same to my works and leave all open, if You do not, don’t come and trip on me with stolen or whatever bullshit things You say!
Everybody knows that skinning or modding is a freestyle part of ETS, GTS, UKTS and ETS2
but if there rukes publish them so everybody can read and respect them, and if there are no rules
hold your mouth forever wiith stolen or or whatever bullshit games You play!
Get up, Stand up, – Robert “Nesta” Marley (february 6, 1946 – May 11, 1981)
Another saying from Bob Marley who i met personally, Rotterdam, 1978:
I Don’t Care How Big The Guy IS, He Was A Baby Too!
JAH Rastafari, ever lived in, ever fearfull ever shored, JAH Rastafari




  Direct Download LinksFile: DAF-XF-105.560-James-Hislop.rar (11.29 MB)

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