Comil Campione 3.65 Volksbus [1.42.x]

10 slots of skins edit
Optional red and Mercosur BR plate with editable
Animated digital sign with all capitals more editable
Windshield with malfunctions
Stickers on the windshield
Parasol with 4 variasões
Accessibility sticker
Non-stop TAG
Open and close curtains with color variations
Armchair fabrics 3 variations
Armchair Cape
Smoke with various intensities
TV with 3 variations and editable
More realistic and lighter passengers
Auxiliary armchair or hand Corre
Side, front and rear Volkswagen Logos
Comil back sticker, matte or Chrome
Two floor options
4 variations of panel painting
DRL optional
Internal mirror, realistic or static
Lights on the stairs and under the armchairs

D3D modding

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  Direct Download LinksFile: DC3D_-_COMIL_CAMPIONE_3.65.scs (439.20 MB)

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