Caio Apache Vip IV Multi-Chassis v 25.12.23 [1.42.x]

50 skins+3 edits
50+ options (via DEF)
6 chassis
Unique physics (suspension swing and wheel rotation)
Unique wheels
Unique sounds for each chassis
Unique interior and animations
Unique and realistic engines and transmissions
Special Christmas update
Improved modeling of accessories, interior and exterior
Improved certain textures and optimized others
Improved door animation
Added new skins
Added Christmas led
Improved sounds and volume of sounds
Improved engine, transmission and suspension data with the help of ChatGPT
Fixed name of some accessories
Added Vip IV in the used market
Improved AI modeling
Re-added modeling of the seats
New textures
Removed certain modeling and textures
(Short update note, because it had a lot of new stuff)

Carlos Daniel

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  Direct Download LinksFile: Caio_Apache_Vip_IV_Multi-Chassis.scs (176.90 MB)

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