2500hp For All Trucks

I can make custom engine mod if you want, just contact me on youtube: HPT hermanni

Just tell me how much power and torque you want and do you want it for

specific truck, or for all trucks.


HPT hermanni

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  Direct Download LinksFile: 2500hpForAllTrucks.rar (63.64 KB)


  1. zoheb says:

    Can you make this mod for volvo FH 2013 truck…….plzzzz

  2. del_ciotto_jordy says:

    can you make an engine for de volvo FH 2013 with a HP of 7500 and a torque of 10000?

  3. ETTT says:

    Volvo FH16 2012, 5000HP, 7000 torque please

  4. Ranko says:

    Yo my man, I need 10.000 HP for Volvo fh 2013 by ohaha

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