Skin mods will provide a fresh and new look to your vehicle during the game. Every player could choose the skin color as per his preference. There is a wide range of skin mods available for the players. Each skin mod is unique in color and texture which will boost your confidence level. You could be a truck driver who is stylish and will beat his opponents. You could give a surprise to your friends with the new ets 2 skins mods. If one plays with the same outlook and features of the truck, he could get bore but with the help of these skin mods you could simply give a new touch to your play. You have to simply download the skin mods from the download section and then after applying you could easily enjoy them. Be unstoppable with these ETS 2 skin mods and boost your enthusiasm.
Creating a skin mod is easy as you have to decide which type of skin you are needed in your game. You have to be ready with the photographs of your truck which you want to apply. You need to open these files with the photo editor. When you open the photo editor you have to select the template which you want to use to create a skin. After selecting the template you have to select the color portions of your truck. After all this you need to save this. Create a workshop icon for this then save it by any name. now open the ETS 2 studio and search for the truck which you want to skin. After selecting click on the properties and make sure everything is ok. Then from your files you could apply your truck skin and apply the icon on it. that’s how you could export the skin of your choice into your game.
There are various kinds of skin mods available in ETS 2 like skin Itlay, skin Sweden, skin Spain, skin Algeria, skin Peru, skin Serbia, combo skins, IRIZAR 16, night wolf Scania skin v1.0, touring speeds bus skin, DHL MB aerodynamic trailer skin, etc. there is various colors and features available with them. Any player could use it and make his truck appearance cool and stylish. So apply them and win the game and make your opponents jealous with the new look of your truck with ETS 2 skin mods.

Volvo FH12 Dead Pool Skin

Volvo FH12 Dead…

Scania RJL Topline Oldschool skin

Scania RJL Topline…

Scania Van Triest Skin Pack

Scania Van Triest…

Turkish Style Iveco Skin

Turkish Style Iveco…

MAN Louis Vuitton Skin

MAN Louis Vuitton…

Volvo FH16 2009 Spedition Bender Skin

Volvo FH16 2009…

Romaniaelit Combo Pack

Romaniaelit Combo Pack

Hajra Magyarok Skin Pack v 1.0

Hajra Magyarok Skin…



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